Upcoming Workshops

May 2019
  • Creative thinking and Design education in schools
    • Anchor Faculty

      Dr. Gayatri Menon

    • 20-24 May 2019
    • Venue

      NID, Ahmedabad

    Creativity and Design are going to play a critical role in preparing children for the future. With the importance of Design now being realised in various spheres across the world, it is important that our students also become sensitised right in the initial stages of their learning. The objective of the workshop is to help towards understanding the role of creativity and design thinking in schools system as well as develop some practical know-how methods and assignments to be implemented in classrooms.
    The workshop will consist of interactive presentations, discussion on case studies as well as internalising the learning through hands-on assignments and methods.
    We welcome teachers across subject areas and children studying from 5th to 9th std. with an interest and aptitude towards creativity to participate in the workshop.

July 2019
  • Decoding Visual Design for Beginners
    • Anchor Faculty

      Prof. Sonal Chauhan
      Prof. Shekhar Bhattacharjee

    • 8-12 July 2019
    • Venue

      NID, Ahmedabad

    This workshop aims at introducing participants to the Fundamentals of Visual Design and eventually help them to create their own unique designs. The workshop is highly interactive and emphasis on hands-on activities set in an academic environment to enrich the professionals.