• Keep Clicking - A Workshop on Basic Photography
    Mr. Saurabh Srivastava

    NID Paldi, Ahmedabad
    This workshop is designed to help beginners in digital photography, to improve picture taking skills. The talks and demonstrations can be adjusted to the needs of the class, but will define the basics and principles of the camera, its working and application to good picture taking.

    The different types of cameras lenses and light will also be discussed. This will help the photographer in understanding the creative use of each of them in better picture making.

    Participants will learn the fundamentals of photography and basic elements to a successful photograph.
  • Origami and Animation: Folding & Unfolding Stories
    Mr. Aakash Johry, Mr. Suman Chowdhury

    NID Paldi, Ahmedabad
    Paper craft has been a part of our childhood memories in the form of floating paper boats, flying paper planes, or playing the game of tippy-top. Often practiced as a hobby for entertainment and relaxation, paper craft has been studied extensively as an art in the Japanese tradition for over past 1,000 years, being called as ORIGAMI. Today, Origami is used in a wide range of design applications from functional products and toys to packaging and even architecture. It is an easy to practice craft and offers significant developmental benefits for people of all ages including improved hands-eye coordination, attention skills, temporal-spatial skills, math reasoning etc.
    On the other hand, A
  • Website Design & Development for Beginners
    Mr. Ankit Mehta

    NID Paldi, Ahmedabad
    In today’s era websites have become a very easy, fast and accessible medium. Moreover websites provide great flexibility to managing information or graphics in very seamless manner. It will give us a unique identity and credibility in our respective area. People can easily reach you and get in touch with you from any corner of the world. Websites also empower your work and business. This workshop will focus on all aspects of creating websites like the structure of web pages, forms and the markup which controls it.
    A person who wants to develop their website or want to make career in website development can join this workshop. This workshop will give you theoretical as well as practical
  • Heritage City: A Glimpse Through Sketching [CLOSED]
    Mr. Kaushik Chakraborty

    NID Paldi, Ahmedabad
    Ahmedabad is a 606 years old fantastic city situated on the bank of the river Sabarmati.
    The old part of the city has the attraction of the pols, havelis, lanes & bi-lanes,walls, tombs and moreover peoples - basically all these characters together have created the overall magical appearance and flavour of the city. On the other hand, sketching is a primary yet very powerful and effective medium to record and represent visual experience. The workshop Heritage City: “A Glimpse Through Sketching” will try to give participants a primer about sketching on location
    and in different parts of the city and capture some memorable visual experience
    through black & white and watercolour sket
  • Pictures through Yarn [CLOSED]
    Ms. Sucharita Beniwal

    NID Paldi, Ahmedabad
    Tapestry is one of the oldest weaving technique that allowed for figrative represenation. It is widely used today in textile and fibre arts. Largely understood as an Europe tradition, with figratuive stories related to christianity and kings were woven in, and huge in castles. It was complemented embroidery and would often have raised and flat areas. Flatwoven tapestry from India and middle east are known as Durries and Kilims respectively, these were more often geomentric in nature.

    This workshop will explore figurative Tapestry making, with use of innovative material to create interesting visuals and stories.
  • Three-dimensional Embroidery
    Ms. Mamta Lall

    NID Paldi, Ahmedabad
    Explore form by three-dimensional techniques. The ideas conceptualized as a flat drawing / sketch on paper will be inspired to take to the third dimension of depth using traditional methods.
    Experimenting with different processes and to combine them with decorative surfaces to the created form using, self created small stuffed beads, threads /wire, self decorated wrapped cords, self created wrapped fabric chords.
  • Storytelling through Sound: Podcast/Radio Play
    Mr. Hitesh Chaurasia

    NID Paldi, Ahmedabad
    India has a long tradition of oral storytelling. We all have heard stories from our mother/grandmother. We also tell stories and gossip about others. Now it’s time to record and broadcast those stories to the world.
    In this unique workshop participants shall learn how to tell a story through Sounds and create their own Podcast/Radio Play. You will learn basic of Microphones, Sound Recording, and Design so you can record good Audio even for Videos.
    Participants shall be challenged against the clock to develop a concept, write a script and performs. Each group takes it in turns to experiment with Audio Equipment’s, sound effects, Record, and edit. By end of the workshop, participants
  • Shibori & Indigo [CLOSED]
    Ms. Shashikala Satyamoorthy

    R&D Campus, Bangluru
    Tie-dyeing has evolved in many cultures around the world, and can be seen on fabrics made thousands of years ago in Latin America, Africa, India, China and around Asia.
    Shibori is the Japanese word for Tie & Die. Shibori means a variety of ways of embellishing textiles by shaping cloth and securing it before dyeing. The word comes from the verb root shiboru, "to wring, squeeze, press."
    Rather than treating cloth as a two-dimensional surface, with shibori it is given a three-dimensional form by folding, crumpling, stitching, plaiting, or plucking and twisting.
    Shibori is the Japanese art of manual resist dying, which produces beautiful patterns on fabric there were traditionally
  • Photo Essays
    Mr. Saurabh Srivastava

    NID Paldi, Ahmedabad
    Photo essay is a series of images which revolve around a subject. Each picture is unique but very well connected with subject.

    This will help beginners to improve picture taking skills as well as understanding the subject in more depth.

    Initially will define the basics and principles of the camera, its workings and application to take good picture and then gradually will be shifting to the Story Telling art through images.

    Thus, the workshop is to converting your interest in to a serious hobby and passion.
  • Handmade Fashion [CLOSED]
    Ms. Sonal Chauhan

    NID Paldi, Ahmedabad
    Handmade Fashion Sonal ChauhanTo introduce the age old technique of hand stitched clothing to the young urban minds and to revive their hand sewing skills. Making the participants aware about clothing practices of past and present to help them shape their own fashion clothing.
  • Fun with Drawing and Colouring
    Ms. Aarti Srivastava

    NID Paldi, Ahmedabad
    Drawing is a wonderful medium of self-expression. The engagement of children in art activities plays very important role in enhancing their learning abilities and over all development. Involvement in hands on art activities sharpens their observation of surroundings and enhances their motor skills. Considering their vast imagination, curiosity, exploratory approach and high level of energy kids are capable of generating commendable body of work through the medium of drawing and colouring.
  • Bamboo - the future material [CLOSED]
    Mr. Pravinsinh Solanki

    NID Paldi, Ahmedabad
    Crafts is becoming history to be found in Museums. It is dying with Time and Culture remains only in Documents. Craftsmen have lost the strength to move ahead, so time has move on, leaving them behind. Machines have displaced Craftsmen and Culture has changed Trends. An effort through Workshop to save the Craft, Craftsmen and the Culture. Bamboo is a group of giant, perennial grasses, classified separately from trees. It is the
    largest and most productive member of the grass family. It is the fastest growing grass.
    Bamboo is a green gold and a very sustainable material on earth. It’s our duty to
    promote Bamboo to replace plastic, wood and metals to make the earth Green.
  • Typography: Designing Word Expressions [CLOSED]
    Dr. Nanki Nath

    NID Paldi, Ahmedabad
    Typography is essentially the study of how letterforms interact on a surface, directly relating to how the type will be set when it eventually goes to a printing press. One definition is stated as “the style, arrangement or appearance of typeset matter,” and is a product of the movable type printing system that much of the world has used for centuries. In our current digitally-driven design world, this means working with fonts on a daily basis for most of us. Gerrit Noordzij, professor of typeface design at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, Netherlands, from 1960 to 1990, has defined typography as the “writing with prefabricated characters.” It has been a general belief that ‘brand name
  • Letterpress & Relief Printing [CLOSED]
    Mr. Tarun Deep Girdher

    NID Paldi, Ahmedabad
    Relief printing is one of the oldest process of printing dating back to the mid fifteenth century. Blocks are carved, inked and then impressions are taken on paper. Each copy of the print gives you unique results, with a much lesser carbon foot print as compared to computer generated prints. Letterpress is a method of relief printing which uses metal or wooden block of letters, which are composed into text from which prints are taken on paper. At the end of the workshop, the participants will take back the original prints which they have made.
  • Creative knots with Macrame [CLOSED]
    Ms. Shashikala Satyamoorthy

    R&D Campus, Bangluru
    Macrame comes from a 13th Century arabic weavers’ word “migramah” meaning “Fringe” This refers to the decorative fringes on camels and horses.
    Macrame traveled from north Africa, with the Moors during their conquests, to Spain , and as a result of this conquest it spread, firstly to France, and then throughout Europe.
    Macrame, Knotted cords, is created by knotting, twisting, and tying fringes, all without any weights, or bobbins, and entirely by hand.
    Nowadays Macrame has evolved into an art form in its own right , and is rapidly becoming popular in design studios across the world
  • Design Your Web Presence [CLOSED]
    Mr. Piyush Pankhania

    NID Paldi, Ahmedabad
    This workshop helps participant to understand and design their personal and professional web presence and enable them to plan, build, launch and integrate digital marketing components. This workshop will cover all major elements of building web presence including content management system, introduction to Google Webmaster and Analytics, going live on the web, digital content creation and marketing strategies, social media and email marketing.